"You have to eat your Vegetables"

   Research studies have shown Microgreens to contain an incredible level of essential nutrients (some as high as 40 - 1 as compared to their fully mature counterparts) and in order to maintain proper, if not heightened health, the body needs what these little green can more than deliver. From Vitamin A to Zinc, Microgreens are overflowing with vitamins and nutrients that assist in the relief of ailment and defense against disease.  

Words of wisdom that resonate through the history of Broccoli to Zucchini. 

     We all know the benefits of getting the proper nutrients from our vegetables,  but nowadays, we have found a better, more  beneficial, and even tastier way to do just that.

     "A study published in the Journal of American Society for Horticultural Science reported that young seedlings, harvested 7 days after germination, had the highest antioxidant capacity as well as the highest concentrations of health-promoting phenolic compounds, compared with their more mature counterparts."
- Source: http://www.healwithfood.org/health-benefits/microgreens-nutrition.php#ixzz3hgU4Sh7v

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