​​​     Microgreens are simply edible vegetation grown for a very short amount of time.  Most often, only a few days after the germination stage.  Home-growers and professional chefs alike have found themselves drawn to their likes due to their spectacular flavors and incredible texture.  Boundries are not set to salads and garnishes alone, but their purposes branch out to everything from sandwitches to your favorite soups.  Raw or cooked, Microgreens add intense flavors and colors to heighten the dining pleasures without having to use an abundance of product.  

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As we have learned, the moment a vegetable has been cut from it's stock, it's nutrients begin to wither away.   With the availability of FreshWater Farm's Live Growth Greens, it is assured that you will be able to take full advantage of the maximum availability of nutrients that your greens have to offer.   

     To many culinary artists, they serve the purpose of intense flavors and colors that intensify the eating experience.  Nowadays, food preparation and plating have as much to do with the dish as the flavor.  These Microgreens play a role as the paint and brush for those masterpieces.

     Aside from their delectable and attractive nature, these little packages pack quite the punch when it comes to their nutritional content. It has been widely researched and proven that the health benefits and nutrients supplied by these little greens are far above and beyond miraculous, some greens having as high as a 40 to 1 compared to their fully matured counterparts.  It has been found that the  nutrient level in these greens have had incredible effects on relieving many ailments from arthritis to many types of cancers without the added synthetic chemicals found in other "remedies and treatments".

   From flavors for fun to benefits of health, one only has to look towards the little guy.  Microgreens.