Red / Purple Mix

Our bold Reds and Purples add a wide range of Spicy, Earthy, and Nutty Flavors along with the beauty of the rich warm colors

Product List

Kohlrabi - This incredibly vibrant mixture of rich green leaves and vibrant purple ribs will add a perfectly balanced nutty, yet slightly earthy flavor to any dish.

Clover – Red : Very similar to alfalfa in taste, Clover has it’s own signature with it’s tender texture and crisp, green, “nubby” leaves. 

Lettuce, Iceberg - As it originator, Our iceberg green is a crisp, mild mannered and universal addition to any creation.

Lettuce, Salad Mix - A little of this, a little of that.  From sweet to earthy, this mix can be used as an adornment, addition, or even the base of the perfect salad.

Pico Blend

All of the traditional flavors of Pico De Gallo, from tomato to jalapeño, are represented in this lively FreshWater Signature Mix.  

Spinach : As goes the original, Spinach microgreens have dark, crisp leaves with thick, crunchy ribs with intense flavor and mild aroma.

Feather Blend

Soft, whispy, and radiant in color, our Signature Feather Blend is a simple way to add the delicious flavors of Dill, Amaranth, Chervil, and more while adding the vibrance of magentas and bright greens to brighten up any plating.

Tat Soi : These spoon-shaped leaves of the mustard family are filled with a strong spicy flavor and a bright green appearance.

Spicy Salad Mix

This beautiful array of color and texture is sure to please with a crisp bite and extra spicy kick.

Onion - Without a doubt, one of the most intense flavors in one of the smallest packages. These leafless, wispy greens have a vibrance to add in, on or around any dish. 

Hon Tsai Tai : This Asian green has a mild bite of radish with a slight nutty under note.  The beautiful Green leaves have a light purple tint to match their beautiful purple stems.

Kale - Vates Blue : Deep green double-leaves ​and crisp ribs add an earthy yet mildly peppery flavor.

Shoots and Large Stocks

Shoots and Large Sprouts are a wonderful way

to top off any creation adding vibrance and

even more flavor to any plated presentation.

Red Garnet Amaranth - Amaranth is a Protein-rich sprout that serves as a vibrant addition in both flavor and color.  It's intense magenta color will brighten any dish.

     Because of its strong nitty flavor, Amaranth is favorite in any salad or in most oriental dishes.

 Mixes and Blends

Radish – Sango Purple : Deeper in color and richer in texture, this beautiful radish is a wonderful marble of vibrant greens and royal purples.

Kale - Red Russian : These dark green leaves are adorned with rich purple ribs and pack quite a punch in flavor.  A well-balanced "earthy meets nutty" flavor is always a crowd favorite.

Beet - Bull's Blood - Bright red ribs  bold green leaves add a tender and sweet splash to dishes of any sort.


Black Bean :

 These large, tender leaves, perched on thick, crisp stocks are the nuttiest of our bean selection. Beautiful garnish or roasted and toasted, the flavor will never disappoint.

Carrot : The medium green color and thin, delicate ribs are a clever disguise for the intense carrot flavor that will benefit any dish.


Seafood Blend

Be it Clam Chowder or Oyster shooters, the incredible strength of flavor and texture in this Signature Blend with please and inspire the many variations of seafood dishes and more.

Chervil : This traditional French herb has many uses including everything from vegetables to seafood.  It's intricate, bright, green leaves give a beautiful embellishment while the flavor adds a slight, sweet kiss of anise.

Broccoli - The hearty dark green leaves and white ribs are packed with a strong broccoli flavor with a mild nutty aroma.  Great fresh or cooked.


Albino Pea :

 Resembling in many ways the commonly used bean sprout, this mildly nutty, large  stalk is one of the most crisp and juicy of the bean family.  Great for soups and salads and even some deserts.

Speckled Pea:

 Similar to the Garbanzo, the Speckled Pea delivers a slightly milder nutty yet earthy flavor still not compromising on the quality.  Medium to dark green, tender leaves prop themselves proudly on the lite rib to ensure a beautiful plating everytime.

Lettuce, Buttercrunch - A subtle sweet flavor and tender flesh add not only color, but the perfect texture as an addition to most dishes.

Arugula - A Chef's favorite with it's deep green, heart shaped leaves packed with a strong peppery flavor and mild tangy aroma.

     Especially tasty on fresh sandwiches and salads of all origins.

Cabbage – Red Acre : The subtle flavor and aroma is no deterrant to the incredible coloration of these thick red/magenta ribs topped of with deep green, heart – shaped leaves.

Chive – Garlic : Despite the similarity to our classic Onion Chive in appearance, there is no mistaking this little gem otherwise for anything else other than a pure, intense delivery of Garlic in both aroma and flavor.

Mustard, Mizuna Red - Bold green leaves and white ribs are packed with a strong peppery flavor that will appease any chef.

Cilantro : A favorite of most, our Cilantro provides an intense punch of flavor with a strong aroma.  Good for use in everything from breakfast to desert, it's uses are practically limitless.

Southern Blend

Many of the traditional flavors of Southern style dishes have been entwined in this Signature Blend.  It will add flavor, beauty, and texture to your favorite plates enhancing the overall authenticity. 

Shiso Mix

A well balanced blend of Red, Green, Asia, and Britton. The color and flavor are as brilliant and full bodied as it can get.

PokChoi : Of the Biennial family, these refreshing little greens add a mild "cabbage" flavor with a slight added kick of spice.  Bright green leaves and bright white ribs are always a favorite ornamentation to culinary creations.

Shiso - Green : ​​Distinct in the Shiso family, this variation offers a defined cinnamon/clove flavor and aroma.  Fantastic for Sushi and salad alike.

Sunflower :

 All of the incredible, nutty flavor of a sunflower seed without the shells.  Tall, thick, hearty stalks are the perfect pedestal for the dark green, crisp double – leaves.  Fantastic for almost any recipie.

Shungiku: These bright green ribs with decretive leaves,  easily enhance any plating. Its strong carrot flavor and mild sweetness  will not disappoint. Great addition to your textures.

Mustard, Red Giant - Double-leaf, deep green leaves are splashed with a kiss of red sitting atop bright, tender ribs.

Celery : The strong flavor and mild aroma of the wispy, deep green leaves and thin ribs are a pungent addition to any favorites from soups to sandwiches.

Rainbow Mix

It's all in the name.  This rainbow of colors come paired with an incredible balance of everything from Spicy to Tart for all dishes.

Dill : Intense dill flavor with a mild aroma are wrapped up in these thin, wispy, but crisp sprout.  Bright green leaves and medium rib add a little "crunch" and a lot of flavor.

Asian Blend

The FreshWater Signature Asia Blend is a beautiful way to add flavor and flair to any asian dish. Presenting numerous flavors including Hon Tsai Tai, Cress, Tat Soi, and more, the intense peppery and bold flavor sets wonderfully with your favorite plates.

Basil - A classic of many uses.  The rich green leaves and crisp ribs add more than just flavor to your favorite dishes.

Basil, Lemon & Lime - Same as the traditional with an added zip of citrus zest.

-Cinnamon Basil also available.

Baby Corn : Just as sweet and beautiful as it’s more matured stalk,  this leafless version has just as much  to offer for flavor and decoration.

Corn : These thick, crisp, vibrant yellow stalks and
wispy yellow leaves are sweeter than the day is long. A beautiful addition to most dishes including everything from appetizers to deserts.

Basil – Dark Opal : An intense Basil, almost “licorice” flavor accompanying a rich purple and green leaves guarenteed to add as much color as it does flavor.

Radish China Rose : These little heart-shaped leaves and red ribs hold a peppery punch and intense Radish flavor.  Good for all types of dishes, cooked or raw.


Shiso - Britton : ​With a subtle licorice flavor, these silvery leaves with purple undersides will add elegance as well as heat and spice to your favorite dishes.

Shiso - Red : Similar to it's Green counterpart, this Shiso also adds a beautiful glow of vibrant reds to brighten any presentation.

Cressida Cress : These dark green fanning leaves have a tender thick rib perfect for any salad, sandwich, or main course.

​Asian Mix

Everything from Tat Soi to Shiso.  The colors and flavors leave nothing to be wanted from nutty to spicy.  The flavor will impress.

Adzuki Bean :


 This bean shoot delivers an intense, robust, nutty, and earthy crunch appealing to any pallet. Easily used as a garnish or even as a main ingredient for everything from soups to main dishes.


FreshWater Farms aims to supply the most nutritious and freshest microgreens to San Antonio and it's surrounding areas.  By residing locally and offering actual living product, we can guarentee the freshest and and most reliable product and service.

We are continuously adding to and expanding our menu and special request orders are encouraged.

Wasabi : These deep green leaves and tender ribs are laden with an intense peppery flavor to spice up any dish.